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Floods are not new to India and this sub-continent, but in recent years the problem has received much greater attention perhaps largely because it has led to much greater damage than in the past.

From the Indraprastha of Pandavas to the Lutyen's Delhi, this legendary city has undergone many a birth pangs. But none so painful as the one in its modern avatar. Delhi in the 21st century is becoming an eyesore.

OPEC is in the news again as the world holds its breath wondering whether output will be increased and oil prices decline from the current level of around $30 per barrel. Meanwhile, the oil import bill in India as in other major oil-importing countries, is straining the economy, with global oil prices having almost trebled in the past two years.

This is the Labor Day weekend in the US, and everyone is on the highways here getting away for what is generally regarded as the last weekend of the summer. The travel-intensive population of the US is on the move to the beaches and other holiday spots by the millions. The drive up the East Coast to New Haven, Connecticut was slow and arduous,...

  • The Economic Times, 16 August 2000

Inaugurating the Retreat, a training-cum-conference centre designed by TERI to run exclusively on renewable energy, the prime minister gave a timely call for an integrated energy policy. The matter is complex and an initiative only at the PM's level has some chance of success.

Independence day this year was an inspiring occasion as usual marked by the Prime Minister's impassioned speech from the Red Fort and celebrations all over the country honouring the national flag and the memory of those who sacrificed everything for the country's freedom.