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The history of agricultural development in India is intimately connected with the achievements of one of the country's foremost agricultural scientists, Dr B. P. Pal. The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) was earlier located in Pusa, Bihar, but after a severe earthquake damaged its main building, the Institute was shifted to New Delhi...

Among all the biofuels, ethanol is already being produced globally on a fairly large scale. Global alcohol production during 2005 was around 41 million kilolitres, of which around 70% was used as fuel. The bulk of the production and consumption was in Brazil and the US, with Brazil alone accounting for around 15 million kilolitres. Countries such...

Import parity prices for petro goods are totally rational and appropriate. The country is becoming increasingly dependent on oil imports, and with mounting prices in the international market, it would be justified for consumers to pay prices in this country that reflect the scarcity of oil in the international market.

Under the existing environmental regulatory framework (1999), all coal-fired power stations are required to give away free fly ash to users for at least ten years, and irrespective of their 'location or size', they must get all the fly ash gainfully utilised within nine years for existing plants and 14 years for future plants.