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The government's plan for issuing an ordinance to increase the supply of kerosene is a small measure to solve a huge tangle with many systemic ills. First, it is a well-established fact that a large quantity of kerosene is used for adulteration of other petroleum products. This clearly means the subsidy on kerosene is helping largely those...

India faces a huge crisis in terms of availability of advanced education for its students. This needs to be recognized and dealt with urgently, for mere exam reforms are insufficient.

With the onset of summer, blackouts and power shedding have started imposing great hardship on domestic consumers and threaten to constrain economic activities in several parts of the country. Power outages and poor quality and reliability of supply have become endemic and perennial problems.

In April 2002 the Union Government announced, with great fanfare, the dismantling of the Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM) for petroleum products. Refineries were to price their products at import parity and marketing companies were free to add their marketing margins. This freedom was short lived and marketing companies soon had to seek the...