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Once completed, the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline could satisfy up to 35 per cent of India's annual natural gas demand, say Mr Saahil Parekh, Research Associate, Green Growth and Resource Efficiency division, TERI.

Rich countries must take lead in decarbonising their economies and provide assistance to nations such as India in their quest for building climate-resilient economies, say Dr Leena Srivastava, Acting Director-General, TERI and Mr Manish Kumar Shrivastava, Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change division, TERI.

Arid and semi-arid regions present a huge scope for biomass production using suitable technologies relevant to these regions, says Dr Reena Singh, Fellow, Biotechnology & Bioresources Division, TERI.

Rural electrification is often considered to be the backbone of rural economy, says Mr Shirish Garud, Associate Director, Energy Environment Technology Development Division, TERI.