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Energy demand is increasing in India. The conservative estimate of the Planning Commission, in the draft integrated energy policy, estimated power generation capacity requirement reaching 627,088 mw in the year 2031, from the present capacity of 130,000 mw. Further, the needs are diverse and not limited to electricity. It is also known that in...

It would perhaps be correct to say that if the government's annual budget does not invite severe criticism or lavish praise then it is probably a well-balanced exercise.

There are very strong reasons to believe that the historic India-US deal will define India as an emerging power. But perhaps the biggest reason for satisfaction lies in the implications that this agreement has for India's future energy supply.

The historic agreement reached between the US and India on cooperation in nuclear energy marks a significant departure both in terms of India's status as a nuclear power as well as in the country's energy security. However, the agreement by itself, which would certainly have to cross several hurdles before getting approved by the US Congress, is...