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This editorial comes immediately following the presentation of the Government's annual budget by the Finance Minister. In previous years, we have heard and read comments like 'dream budget' and 'historic budget'. Often, the dream has turned out to be a wisp of smoke. Comments this year are subdued, and even mildly critical.

Dr R K Pachauri is respected the world over for his wide-ranging expertise in the critical facets of sustainable development. As Director-General of TERI, he has turned it into a premier research institute. Today, TERI provides support in energy, environment, forestry, biotechnology, and resource conservation to governments, institutions and...

In the run-up to successive budgets, an issue which is routinely overlooked is that of the role of sustainable development in economic growth.

The DSDS (Delhi Sustainable Development Summit) 2002 was held in New Delhi during the period 8-11 February 2002 with the Inaugural Session, at which the Prime Minister of India, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, was the Chief Guest, held on the evening of 8 February. It is gratifying that this event, the inspiration for which came from TERI's silver...