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The Central Statistical Organization has revised estimates of GDP (gross domestic product) for India for the year 2000/01. It is now estimated that growth of GDP registered a mere 4%, which is, in some sense, a return to the situation at the start of the 1990s. If ever there was an imperative for introducing economic reforms with some degree of...

Energy sector operations have been recognised as contributing to poverty reduction through their support to economic growth through the trickle down effect. But, their direct contribution to poverty reduction has been seldom acknowledged, mainly because of lack of a systemic approach to assess such impacts.

Though it prohibited Internet telephony when it came into force, the National Telecom Policy (NTP 99) allowed the government to take appropriate action in response to developments in the sector.

News reports indicate that the US administration is planning to support research on fuel-cell technology with the objective of creating transportation options based on hydrogen as a fuel. The previous US administration under President Clinton had, according to reports, committed a total funding level of 1.5 billion dollars for the development of...