Dr Girija K Bharat

There is an urgent need for effective legal and policy framework for improved management of wastewater treatment, say Mr Ankit Tulsyan, Detail Oriented Sustainable Development Professional and Dr Girija K Bharat, Senior Consultant, TERI.

Mr Debajit Palit

Understanding electricity demand, its pricing and willingness to pay by consumers for electricity services has always been tricky and a matter of debate, both in India as well as globally, say Mr Dabjait Palit, Associate Director and Ms Bigsna Gill, Area Convenor, Social Transformation Division, TERI.

Ms Raina Singh

The global discourse on climate resilient cities has shown that it is possible to minimise risks, says Ms Raina Singh, Fellow, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI.

Ms Sonia Grover

The potential for achieving improved water quality while creating a valuable wildlife habitat has led to a growing interest in the use of constructed wetlands, say Ms Sonia Grover, Associate Fellow and Dr Fayaz Ahmad Malla, Research Associate, Water Resources Division, TERI.