Dr Divya Datt

The subsidy allocated in Budget 2018 may provide a temporary solution to the crop burning issue, but it may do nothing to help address the larger water crisis. Crop diversification, away from paddy, must be the way forward, say Dr Divya Datt, Director, Resource Efficiency & Governance Division and Mr Puneet Chandra, Senior Director, Growth,...

Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar

There is a need to leverage corporate engagement in the sanitation arena, encourage decentralised supply of drinking water through small water enterprises, and complement the subsidies for Swachh Bharat Mission through innovative model of financing, says Dr S K Sarkar. Senior Director, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Mr Debajit Palit

TERI recently conducted a meta-analysis of the existing evidence on willingness to pay (WTP) for electricity supply in India along with extensive stakeholder interviews, and compared these findings with current electricity-pricing mechanisms to derive recommendations on future electricity pricing and subsidy policies.

Mr Ajay Shankar

With cleaner fuel, phasing out of older vehicles, use of EVs for public transport and purchase of all rice crop residues for generating power, we should be able to breathe fresh air in our cities, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.