3rd India - Japan Energy Forum: Energy efficiency and Renewables - Opportunities for technology cooperation
Energy efficiency and Renewables - Opportunities for technology cooperation


About the forum

Building on the success of the first two India-Japan Energy Forums, TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), India and NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), Japan organized the 3rd India-Japan Energy Forum on 15-16 February 2010 in New Delhi. The earlier editions of the Forum held in December 2006 and February 2008 focused on issues related to the respective national policies on energy, energy conservation and climate change. Representatives from relevant governmental agencies/ministries and energy-related industries of both the countries participated in these events that were held in New Delhi. The two Forums helped strengthen the cooperative relations between the countries in the energy field. The 3rd India-Japan Energy Forum took this process forward by focusing on the theme of technology cooperation. It provided an opportunity to introduce and discuss various Japanese schemes at the national level that promote technology cooperation between the two countries. In addition, the Forum was an excellent opportunity for the Japanese technology suppliers in the industry, power and solar energy sectors to showcase their technologies for the benefit of the Indian industry.

The primary objective of the Energy Forum is to set the wheel rolling for enhanced technological cooperation between the two countries. Speakers included policy makers, experts and industry leaders. The target audience for the Forum included government agencies, technology/product suppliers and prospective users, experts, consultants and people from academic institutions. Nearly 350 participants including around 100 from Japan participated in this high profile event.

About NEDO
The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), since its establishment in 1980 as a semi-governmental agency tasked with the development of oil-alternative energy technologies, has been promoting collaborative efforts for a broad range of research and development projects that leverage the capacities of private companies, academia and government. In addition to new and renewable energy technology, NEDO also supports the research and development of industrial, energy efficiency, environmental, and mining technologies. By advancing developed technologies to the practical application and commercialization stages, NEDO enhances Japan's industrial technologies and contributes to efforts to stabilize energy supplies and improve energy security, while also boosting sustainable development in accordance with domestic and international socioeconomic conditions.

In 2003, NEDO, Japan's largest and core research and development management organization, became an incorporated administrative agency, providing it the ability to independently determine as to how to improve operations and manage the organization more efficiently.

NEDO was entrusted, in 2006, by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment to acquire emission reduction credits to contribute to the fulfillment of Japan's Kyoto Protocol obligations


Contact Name/address of NEDO in India Contact Name/address of NEDO in Japan
Dr A M Siddiqui
New Energy & Industrial Technology
Development Center (NEDO)
NEDO Representative Office in New Delhi
7th Floor, Le Meridien Commercial Tower
Raisina Road, New Delhi 110 001
Tel. +91 (11) 4351 0101
Fax +91 (11) 4351 0102
E-mail siddiquiam@nedo.in
Mr Hirotaka Futamura
Deputy Director
International Projects management Division
Energy and Environment Technology Center
New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Center (NEDO)
18 F Muza Kawasaki Building, 1310 Omiya-cho,Saiwai-ku
Kawasaki City Kanagawa 212-8554, Japan
Tel. +81 (44) 520 5190
Fax +81 (44) 520 5193
Email futamurahrt@nedo.go.jp
Date: 15-16 Feb 2010 Theme: Energy (general)
Location: Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
Category: Any Other


Mr I P Suresh Krishna
Research Associate
Industrial Energy Efficiency Division
E-mail suresh.krishna@teri.res.in