TERI-ITEC Course - Climate change and sustainability


The TERI-ITEC (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation programme) course on Climate change and sustainability was held from 20th October to 10th November 2009 at TERI Gram undertaken by TERI and TERI University. It imparted training on key climate change and sustainability challenges to 23 participants from across 18 ITEC/SCAAP countries. The course was structured in a way that it provided theoretical understanding of the key sustainability challenges and climate change through classroom lectures along with practical experiences through study tours and interactive sessions. The course included the study visits to Biomethanation plant of Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) in Ludhiana, Sukho Majari to understand participatory forest/agro model and impact on livelihood and visited Briqueiting plant in Chandigarh to understand the sustainable use of biomass energy. As a part of the course the participants also visited Agra, to admire the Taj Mahal and went for guided tour of Delhi.


Hands on training on geoinformatics and GIS/GPS based applications were imparted to the participants through a daylong training session at the TERI University. The course was concluded with the valedictory session held at TERI University, where each participant provided a feedback on the course and made presentations on the themes assigned at the beginning of the course.


Participants also enjoyed thoroughly at the TERI University festival and JASS band performance organized in TERI University campus.

Date: 20 Oct - 10 Nov 2009 Theme: Climate Change
Location: TERI Gram, Gurgaon
Category: Training


Ms Shilpa Nischal
Associate Fellow
Ms Shilpa Nischal Resources, Regulation and Global Security Division
E-mail: shilpah@teri.res.in