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Education: The foundation of society The recent global turmoil underlines the importance of education and culture, the foundations of society. Charkha, September 2011, embodies some of these thoughts through the activities of the EYSD Division of TERI. Read more


The world at present is fraught with social, cultural, political, and environmental challenges. Humanity has reached a stage where it must stop and ponder about its existence collectively or else prepare for a complete breakdown of the existing social structures and systems. Nonetheless, the current situation is a great opportunity for societies world over to transform their value systems and create a more sustainable and equitable present and future.

In this context, the role of the youth is of critical importance for young people are the most important building blocks of the society. They are an important source of creativity, enthusiasm, and are drivers of social change. The Educating Youth for Sustainable Development (EYSD) Division at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi realizes that a just and an environmentally conscious society can be created only if the youth of that society are empowered with sufficient knowledge, enabling skills, and appropriate attitude and values. The EYSD Division has been in existence for more than a decade, working diligently to create awareness and enable young people to comprehend their relationship with the environment and make concerted efforts to conserve it.

The division firmly believes that there is a need for governments, civil society organizations, academic institutions, and every individual of this planet to come together in solidarity for the protection of the only planet where life is possible. In order to realize this belief in reality, the division works with the following stakeholders besides youth:

The members of the division also act as experts, resource persons, and facilitators for various institutions like the SCERTs (State Council for Education Research and Training); NCERT (National Council for Education Research and Training); RGIYD (Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Youth Development); AIESEC; Education policy institutions; Bal Bhavans; and colleges and schools across the country.

The EYSD Division is also involved in cutting edge research on 'Education for Sustainable Development' and brings out books, newsletters, workbooks, worksheets on audits etc., manuals, films, and other IEC materials periodically.

The division has been recognized as a Centre of Expertise in Delhi, Goa, and Mumbai, under the RCE programme of UN University as a part of the UN DESD (Decade for Education for Sustainable Development).

The EYSD Division at TERI regularly organizes environmental awareness programmes, meetings, workshops, and sensitization sessions with the aforementioned target groups on issues related to environment and sustainable development. These programmes are designed to enhance awareness, inspire behavioural changes for combating environmental damage, and develop the skills needed to resolve environmental problems.