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The mandate of Green Growth and Development Division is "to articulate and provide holistic solutions by undertaking integrated assessments across resources and sectors in keeping with the basic tenets of green growth and sustainable development". The division complements TERI's widespread initiatives, all of which support and promote development which in every sense of the term is "green", and endeavors to inform policy and decision making. The division brings together all the sector specific initiatives that TERI is pursuing within the framework of protecting the environment, conserving the planet's natural resources and ensuring inclusive and green development. The division is also launching collaborative activities with other countries such as the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Germany and Sri Lanka. The division has four research areas including Modelling and Scenario Building (MSB); Centre for Research on Energy Security (CeRES); Science, Technology and Innovation (STI); and Green Growth Strategies (GGS). The thrust areas of the division include energy-environment-economy modelling, international cooperation, S & T policy, and geopolitics & energy security. Some flagship initiatives in the division include collaborative project with China on low carbon development, project on energy risk modelling, understanding international energy governance, rural energy transitions and innovations for green growth in India. The division is the research fulcrum of flagship publications such as TERI Energy Data Directory and Yearbook, Energy Security Insights and the recently initiated Green Growth and Development Quarterly.