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Theme on "Climate Change"

Vision Statement

Enabling society to make informed decisions towards sustainable development by generating and disseminating scientific knowledge on climate change and other environmental challenges at local and global levels; and designing solutions involving ecological processes, technology, institutions and policy instruments.


TERI is one of the first developing country institutions to launch research activities in the area of climate change, as early as 1988. Initial activities focused upon awareness generation and capacity building for different stakeholders, viz., governments, industries and civil society organizations. Through its research, TERI has made significant contribution to the international climate debate, and in bringing out developing country perspective. TERI researchers have also contributed to the IPCC process in various ways.

Different focus areas of climate change research include, impacts and vulnerability assessment, adaptation strategies, exploring GHG mitigation options and issues therein, climate change policies and climate modeling activities.

TERI figures prominently in international network on climate change research and is involved in several collaborative projects with research institutions throughout Asia, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. TERI also provides support to other countries in various ways and currently the focus is on building capacity of African countries.

Domestically, TERI is considered to be a think tank, deliberating holistically on different aspects of energy, environment and climate change.