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The focused R&D efforts of TERI have resulted in the development of several technologies related to energy, environment and sustainable development. The Enterprise and Technology Development division was set up in August 2007 to ensure the smooth and systematic movement of these technologies from TERI's laboratories to commercial enterprises, and also to ensure a match between the needs of industry and development of suitable technologies.

The Division strives to develop strategic alliances and partnerships for marketing and disseminating technologies that lead to the creation of synergies between TERI and its partners. It is also actively involved in facilitating the framing and signing of commercial agreements, identifying potential licensees and network agents, and facilitating intellectual property protection by patenting.

Comprising the Accounts section, Materials section, Administrative and logistic functions, TERI Retreat (Gual Pahari and Mukteshwar), Eco-tourism cell, TERI Technologies and TERI Press, the Division brings together a diverse group of people with multi-disciplinary skills to attain its objectives.