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The Resources, Regulation and Global Security (RGS) Division serves as a focal point for TERI's work on studies and strategies for resources - conserving, sharing, responsible development, and use - to assist India's efforts at developing a positive vision for a more global and regional security. Resources are at the heart of attempts to arrive at a greater security that goes beyond a concern only with militaristic threats and responses to issues that relate to human wellbeing and sustainable development and responses that can be collaborative, equitable, and participative rather than competitive and conflictual. The Division seeks to develop and partner initiatives through which TERI can contribute to achieving the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) - especially MDG-8, 'building global partnerships for development' - through building mutual trust for strengthening ongoing and emerging international and regional cooperation.


To provide policy-relevant knowledge to address challenges to global security, which arise from issues relating to resources with a transnational dimension, sustainable production and consumption and global pressures for increased openness and competition.


To engage in research, develop foresight capabilities and provide evidence-based future direction to decision-makers on

- national policies and strategies in resources with a transnational dimension
- social and environmental aspects of liberalization in the energy and resources sector
- regulatory issues in energy and natural resource sectors

To engage in capacity building and advocacy on regulatory issues applicable to energy, minerals and the environment
To contribute to MDG 8