About - Sustainable Development Outreach

Even as TERI strives to find solutions to contemporary challenges for sustainable development, this Division ensures that TERI's knowledge and research is shared with varied audiences. It functions as a link with the media, facilitating smooth information exchange, and proactively interacts with stakeholder groups to promulgate TERI's vision. It also develops strategies to share TERI's work and perspectives with the global community. The Division also produces a range of films on the environment and sustainable development, including documentaries, children's films, animation films, and a television quiz which is telecast on networks such as the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

TERI-BCSD is the Regional Network Partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the Global Reporting Initiative, and the World Resources Institute. With over 100 leading Indian companies as its members, the Council serves as an independent and credible platform for corporate leaders to address sustainable development issues and promote leadership in environmental management, social responsibility, and economic performance.

The Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), TERI's annual flagship event, is transitioning into the World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF). As the MDGs pave way for the SDGs, and the Summit series reaches the fifteenth milestone, we find ourselves at an important juncture. The year 2016 will be pivotal in charting out a road map towards limiting global warming as also achieving the SDGs following the conclusion of the 21st Conference of Parties (COP-21). This Forum has been inspired by the success of the DSDS and the need for spreading the message from each annual summit to different parts of the world. The WSDF, therefore, will organise events in different locations not only to understand and disseminate information on issues of sustainable development in particular regions but also to study, monitor, and report on achievements or the lack of them in this field.

Since its inception in 2001, DSDS emerged as one of the foremost fora for analysis and debate on issues related to global sustainability and environmental challenges and brought together leaders from the world of polity, economy, and society, with over 45 current and former Heads of State, ministers from 60 countries, 13 Nobel Laureates, and 1500 business leaders, academicians and delegates from across continents registering their presence. The WSDF seeks to continue TERI’s legacy of being the front-runner in initiating action and bringing together thought leaders from around the world to chart-out strategies to transform words into action.

The first edition of the WSDF will be hosted in New Delhi, India in Fall of 2016 under the broad rubric of 'Beyond 2015: People, Planet & Progress'.