About - Energy Environment Technology Development

Focusing on the development of clean and innovative technological solutions and their markets, the goal of the Division is to address energy and environment related challenges, especially those facing the developing world. For this it relies on global collaborations and multidisciplinary approaches together with its rich knowledge base gained through developing suitable solutions for diverse applications and user groups.

After pioneering the use of a GIS platform for mapping Gujarat's potential for renewable energy resources, the Division carried out a comprehensive study on policy and regulatory issues for their large scale grid integration. Besides dissemination of biomass gasifi ers and ‘TEAM’ bio-methanation systems, the focus is on developing systems and exploring opportunities for decentralized applications such as the milestone of commissioning a biomass gasifi er-based cold storage-cum-rural electrifi cation system with smart metering in a village in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, Solar Multi Utility projects for livelihood generation activities were implemented in Assam, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. These projects improve the performance of solar power plants in remote locations and focus on enhancing community ownership and revenue generation. A state-of-the-art Smart Controller Laboratory was also established to develop optimized distributed power solutions.

Vis-à-vis biofuels, an automated pyrolysis unit was developed for seven agro-industrial biomass residues. A next generation, two-stage gasifi er was also developed successfully, as was a thermo electric generator-based effi cient turbo cook-stove.

The Division is involved in developing biodegradable polymers for numerous applications. Its work also covers utilization of waste materials and water/wastewater treatment as well as implementation of resource efficiency.