North-Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati

The North-Eastern Regional Centre celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2004/05. For a decade, the Centre has worked persistently and with determination towards the development, implementation, and evaluation of practical interventions suitable for India's north-eastern region. During its formative years (1993-98), the Centre grew steadily by carrying out projects related to planning and information dissemination. The expertise gained from such projects led to a better understanding of the priorities of the region, and helped the Centre, in the subsequent years (1999-2004), to gradually diversify into areas of natural resource assessment and management, biotechnology, renewable energy technology, and rural development.

Mr Dipankar Saharia
Associate Director and Coordinator
Chachal Hengrabari
Express Highway
Guwahati-781 036
Telephone +91 361 233 4790
Fax +91 361 233 4869
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