The Western Region of the country witnesses geographical diversity ranging from Deccan Plateau to desert ecosystem and to coastal stretches. It is also home to one of country’s biodiversity hotspots – the Western Ghats. The western region has witnessed rapid economic growth resulting in large-scale urbanization and industrial development. As a result, the region is vulnerable to environmental and ecological pressures. To address these issues and to ensure sustainable use of resources, the Western Regional Centre of TERI with its offices at Mumbai (established in 2006) and Goa (established in 1996) is engaged in multidisciplinary research through approaches such as onsite technology applications, dialogue with policy makers, and interaction with diverse stakeholders with emphasis on issues related to marine and coastal research, wetland management, rural sustainability, sustainable agriculture and forestry resources, climate change, and urban infrastructure.

Since its inception, TERI-WRC has been committed to policy research and implementation, disseminate research outcomes, promote research implementation, create environmental awareness, encourage and develop local research capacity, and provide policy alternatives.

With professionals derived from diverse background, TERI-WRC is distinguished in the region for its high-quality research activities and has successfully executed projects not only for prestigious international agencies but also for national corporate clients and government departments. The Centre not only caters to problems of Maharashtra and Goa but also to other states in the region like Gujarat and Karnataka.

Since its establishment, the Centre has effectively established a strong network with several local government organizations, educational institutions including schools, NGOs, corporate sector, and the workforce active at the grassroots level.