Project Profile

Project Title Back to Earth
Project Code 2014PB14
Project Status Completed
End Date August 2015
Sponsor(s) State Bank of Hyderabad
Division Knowledge Management

The main objectives are to:

Build consciousness on the significance of waste management;

Educate, train, stimulate, and encourage young children to initiate small steps towards waste management and recycling;

Motivate children to be environmentally responsible in their homes, schools, and localities;

Create a network of young citizens working towards the common goal of preserving and conserving the planet;

Sensitize people and build an informed group of citizens to promote environmental sustainability.

Sensitizing Children on the Impact of Waste (Back-to-Earth)

With rising urbanization and change in lifestyle and food habits, the amount of municipal solid waste has been increasing rapidly. During 1947, cities and towns in India generated an estimated 6 million tons of solid waste, and in 1997 it was about 48 million tons. As per the statistics, more than 25% of the municipal solid waste is not collected at all; 70% of the Indian cities lack adequate capacity to transport it, and there are no sanitary landfills to dispose of the waste. The existing landfills are neither well equipped nor well managed to protect against soil and groundwater contamination. Read more →

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