Project Profile

Project Title Organization of Training Course on Climate Change Finance
Project Code 2013GW02
Project Status Completed
End Date August 2013
Sponsor(s) AECOM International Development
Division Earth Science & Climate Change
Executive Summary Full Text

Climate finance refers to financing channeled by national, regional and international entities for projects and programs linked to action on climate change. It includes climate specific support mechanisms and financial aid for mitigation and adaptation activities to spur and enable the transition towards low-carbon, climate-resilient growth and development through capacity building, R&D and economic development.
Learning objectives and outcomes: This succinct course on climate finance will be designed such that participants can fully understand most of the relevant issues surrounding climate finance - from international negotiations on the subject to case studies in project finance for climate action.
Key outcomes from the course include a broad understanding of the context of climate finance, the various financial sources and mechanisms available in the domain of climate finance and how the learning can be integrated with present action plans and strategies at the national and sub-national levels. Also, the course will help participants form a framework of threats and opportunities in their own work domain. The learning material can be used as future reference and guide to the participants in the implementation of their official duties.