Project Profile

Project Title E for Energy Efficiency - Phase II
Project Code 2013EA12
Project Status Completed
End Date May 2014
Sponsor(s) Power System Operation Corporation Ltd.
Division Educating Youth for Sustainable Development
Executive Summary Full Text

The increase in demand for energy in response to industrialization, urbanization, and societal affluence has led to considerable fossil fuels burning, which in turn has an adverse impact on the environment. Thus, it is of paramount importance that energy is conserved and efficiently used. It has been estimated that nearly 25,000 MW can be saved by implementing end-use energy efficiency and demand side management measures throughout India. It is also important to use energy efficiently and conserve it due to the fact that one unit of energy saved at the consumption level reduces the need for power generation by 3 times.
With this, TERI has initiated the project, ‘E for Energy Efficiency’ in association with POSOCO (Power System Operation Corporation). The project aims to sensitize students on the optimum utilization of depleting energy resources and to ignite their minds by encouraging them to actively participate in efforts to conserve energy. The Level 1 of the Project was implemented in 20 schools each in Bengaluru and Mumbai. The Level 2 of the project will involve new schools including Delhi to spread awareness among students about energy efficiency.
‘E for Energy Efficiency’ Level 2 will reach out to the teachers and students of Standard IV – VII from 7 schools each from Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai.