Project Profile

Project Title Feasibility Study for Solar Power Supply to Stations and Level Crossing Gates on Bharuch Dahej Railway Line
Project Code 2013DG06
Project Status Completed
End Date June 2014
Sponsor(s) Bharuch Dhahej Railway Co. Ltd
Division Energy Environment Technology Development
Executive Summary Full Text

With the increasing prices of diesel, the cost of electric power becomes high and the need of power can be met through Solar PV system. Therefore, TERI proposes to carry out a feasibility study on the installation of Solar PV power system for the railway stations and level crossing gates on Bharuch Dahej line of Bharuch Dahej Railway Company Limited in Gujarat.

The scope of work for this feasibility study is given as follows:

Study the existing energy scenarios of the railway stations and railway crossing signals;

Feasibility study of Solar PV power system at the selected railway stations and level crossing gates;

Carry out the preliminary techno-economic assessment of the solar PV system versus existing diesel generator.