Project Profile

Project Title Post-TRIPS IPR Regime in India
Project Code 2011GL10
Project Status Completed
End Date May 2012
Sponsor(s) British High Commission
Division Resources, Regulation and Global Security
Executive Summary Full Text

Post-TRIPS, a thorough revision of the Indian IPR regime has taken place. However, despite many reforms contribution of Indian IPR holders, in total IPRs registered in the country are quite low. Moreover, even if IPRs are registered, drawing commercial benefits from such IPRs are also at a low level. Given the context, understanding the impacts of post-TRIPS changes will be worthwhile. However, there have been very little research to understand this, which has also been narrowly focussed on patents and pharmaceuticals industry. The project intends to develop a better understanding of the IPR regime in India with a holistic perspective and suggest measures to improve the situation so that it can bring real benefits to India.