Project Profile

Project Title Creation of energy scenario in the future to improve air quality in East and South Asia
Project Code 2011EE05
Project Status Completed
End Date April 2012
Sponsor(s) Toyota Motor Corporation
Division Earth Science & Climate Change

TERI has been working with Toyota Motor Corporation for carrying out collaborative research in the field of air quality management. The previous project was an international collaborative project, supported by Toyota Motor Corporation, that focused on the needs to achieve economic growth by meeting the energy needs while ensuring at the same time that environmental issues such as ozone pollution are adequately addressed. The other partners in the project were Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, Japan, Tsinghua University China, and IIASA, Austria. In the project, the focus was on the preparation of energy and emission scenarios and conducting simulations for air quality predictions (for Ozone and PM) for the study domain including whole India. The major objectives of the current study are:-
1) To refine the emission inventory developed in the previous phase of the project through inclusion of other sources and improving the resolutions for some sectors.
2) To evaluate emission reduction and air quality improvement potential of the strategies in the transport sector.
3) To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various strategies for reduction in vehicular emissions.
4) To study the role of various pre-cursors (NOx, NMVOCs, CO) in Ozone formation.
5) To study the impacts of various meteorological parameters in impacting the air quality of a region.

Creation of Energy scenario in the future to improve air quality in East and South Asia

This study on air quality management at TERI has essential inferences that need to be looked into to take stock of the situation and improve the air quality in East and South Asia. Read more →

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