Project Profile

Project Title Workshop on Ceaner Liquid Fuel and Improved Vehicular Technology
Project Code 2011EE04
Project Status Completed
End Date June 2011
Sponsor(s) The International Council on Clean transport
Division Earth Science & Climate Change

This workshop would include a brief discussion on the developments so far on the improved fuel quality and vehicular technologies, and need for a future road map for continual improvement. The workshop envisages involving Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, which have a major role to play in taking the country forward towards cleaner liquid fuels.Ministry of Environment and Forests also have a specific role in improving environmental benefits in the transport sector and will be involved.
TERI and ICCT as the hosts will also be making significant contribution in highlighting the importance of improved fuel quality and related environmental benefits.

TERI would also suggest a draft road map which could be forwarded to the Government of India for further discussion and analysis.