Project Profile

Project Title Management of Post Consumer Tetra Pak Cartons (PCCs)
Project Code 2011EE01
Project Status Completed
End Date September 2011
Sponsor(s) Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd.
Division Earth Science & Climate Change
Executive Summary Full Text

The Tetra Pak carton is primarily made up of Paper (75% by weight) and the rest is polyethylene-aluminium (25%). As part of environment initiatives, Tetra Pak has undertaken various activities for collection and recycling of these Post Consumer Tetra Pak Cartons (PCCs) and is working with various NGO's and the waste picker workforce to segregate PCCs. With the aim to ensure that the PCCs are retrieved and recycled responsibly and that no carton ends up at the landfill, Tetrapak has taken up several studies in the past in this regard.
The overarching objective of this study, which has been undertaken by TERI for Tetra Pak, is to explore the collection and recycling practices of PCCs in some of the cities in South Asia.

The sub-objectives may be framed as follows:
1/ Study the current quantum of Tetra Pak cartons getting procured/retrieved at the waste dealers' level.
2/ Assess the actual quantum of Tetra Pak cartons reaching the paper mills which recycle paper from low grade paper waste.
3/ Understand the value chain and the economics involved in Tetra Pak cartons collection and recycling.
4/ Gauge, what critical stakeholders (low grade paper waste dealers and recycling paper mills) believe, is needed to upscale collection and recycling economics, awareness, infrastructure etc.