Project Profile

Project Title Project Surya
Project Code 2010RA08
Project Status Completed
End Date April 2012
Sponsor(s) United Nations Environment Programme Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific
Executive Summary Full Text

The main objectives of this phase are:
(1) Design and testing of a low cost wood cutter, which can be used by women easily for fuel processing without being dependent on their male counterparts;
(2) Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the usage pattern of fuel and corresponding kitchen air BC concentration capturing seasonal variation in select village households;
(3) Research and development of biofuel (pellets) out of unused biomass (lying in agricultural field or domestic biomass litter burnt causing emission);
(4) Study of gender perspective of cooking in rural households;
(5) Ambient BC data collection and analysis to capture seasonal variation and post-deployment change in BC levels up to March 2011;
(6) Contribute to the UNEP publication on Surya.