Project Profile

Project Title Preparation of baseline document on fly ash utilization and safe management in agriculture and waste land development
Project Code 2010CM14
Project Status Completed
End Date May 2013
Sponsor(s) Department of Science & Technology
Division Biotechnology and Bioresources
Executive Summary Full Text

The project aims to prepare a baseline document for fly ash utilization/ safe management in agriculture and waste land development. In order to learn to use fly ash more efficiently and effectively, information comprising current scenarios in R&D, application, forthcoming technologies must be documented in a way that makes them readily accessible to everyone in the field - industries, academia, governments, etc both in regional and global perspectives. Such information will help in prediction, set goals and then make strategies/plans to achieve defined goal through development of human resources and adequate infrastructures.
This baseline document will act as a knowledge pool on use and safe management of fly ash in agriculture, floriculture, forestry, reclamation of waste & degraded lands, use in arid and semi arid zone cultivations. In view of this, the present proposal entitled "Preparation of baseline document for fly ash utilization/safe management in agriculture and waste land development" is submitted to DST for grants-in-aid funding for preparation of baseline document in the area of Agriculture and waste land development comprising national and international scenarios.