Project Profile

Project Title Maintenance of Plantation at Malara Green Cap
Project Code 2010CM09
Project Status Completed
End Date May 2014
Sponsor(s) Tata Chemicals Limited
Division Biotechnology and Bioresources
Executive Summary Full Text

TERI would help TCL to develop a sustainable green cover over overburden dumps besides improving other physical measures using mycorrhizal technology in various plant species of economic importance so that:

1/ The area is converted to better substrates for plant growth;

2/ The tree/plant species used for afforestation could be identified based on economic importance(herbaceous plants, foliage plants, fuel wood, pulp and paper, etc.);

3/ The introduction of mycorrhizae and reclamation through selected species with the ability to arrest trace elements would restrict soil and ground water contamination along with controlling the fugitive dust emission and achieving rapid plant growth without the use of chemical fertilizers.