Project Profile

Project Title Design, development, and testing of biomass aasifier waste heat based integrated power and cooling using Turnstone Climate Well System
Project Code 2010BE05
Project Status Completed
End Date June 2012
Sponsor(s) Turnstone Environmental Technologies, LLC, New Delhi (India)
Division Energy Environment Technology Development
Executive Summary Full Text

The biomass gasification is one of the emerging green technological options which are available today. The high conversion efficiency coupled with the reduction in emission makes the gasification process suitable for widespread application. TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) has designed and developed small capacity (10-20 kWe) 100% producer gas engine based power systems for remote rural areas and has so far commissioned six systems in the states of Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan under Village Energy Security Program (VESP) of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) as well as in association with NTPC Ltd. But the ever-growing quest for increasing the level of benefits that one can have while integrating the Gasification technology in any application always demands exploring new and innovative options which can be integrated along with the gasification technology.

Keeping the same in mind, TERI, New Delhi, which has in-depth experience in the Biomass Gasification Technology has established an innovative scope, which the organization believes will open up the reach of the gasification technology to an even larger extent. TERI has found that the producer gas which is generated in the gasification technology and also the engine exhaust which is an integral part in the gasifier based power application comes out at very high temperature. This thermal energy has a great potential to be utilized in effective manner to increase the overall efficiency of the integrated system.
To explore the same TERI has partnered with Turnstone Environmental Technologies, LLC, New Delhi (India) which has established its experience in the field of solar cooling based application based on the triple phase absorption and storage technology from ClimateWell AB of Sweden for which TET is the exclusive licensee for India. TET will integrate their cooling systems with the Biomass gasifier for the Waste Heat Recovery and to supply power along with the cooling load in an innovative way which will ultimately lead to the increase in the overall system efficiency and also reduction in environmental emissions. This once established and demonstrated successfully can then easily be replicated to the various field applications