Project Profile

Project Title Climate and energy in a complex transition process towards sustainability in Hyderabad
Project Code 2008UD06
Project Status Completed
End Date April 2014
Sponsor(s) German Government,Multi Client for USD currency
Division Resources, Regulation and Global Security

TERI''s role in the project is to develop concept papers on the following topics along with its project partners:

1. Regulatory reforms and urban governance
2. Energy-efficient technology in industry, water, housing,
transport, cooking etc.
3. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which includes
studies on urban and peri-urban forestry for carbon
sequestration, bio-diesel for rural and urban energy

Collective Action for Fuel Transition among the Urban Poor

Facilitating the transition to clean cooking fuel among the urban poor in Hyderabad through community-based resource mobilization. Read more →

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