Project Profile

Project Title Indian sugar industry: unpredictable risks and risk mitigation alternatives
Project Code 2008GL03
Project Status Completed
End Date April 2012
Sponsor(s) NCDEX Institute of Commodity Research
Division Resources, Regulation and Global Security
Executive Summary Full Text

The objectives of this project are: (1) to carry out an analysis of price trend in sugar across states in India; (2) to analyze the systematic and unsystematic risk in sugar prices in India linking it with the global context; (4) to analyse the risks which are unpredictable (unsystematic risk) in sugar industry followed by an analysis of the trend movement in such risks in India and in global context; (5) to analyse the factors behind such unsystematic risks in case of sugarcane in India; (6) to explore what are the policy linkages between the unsystematic risks and the existing policies in the sugarcane sector of India; (7) to analyse what are the stakeholders concerns regarding these risks in India; (8) to analyse how these risks are going to be impacted in the backdrop of a mandatory 5% molasses based ethanol blending (and other percentage of blending like less than 5% or more than 5%) in India from April 2008 onwards;