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Project Title The Architecture of future grid- Smart Grid
Project Code 2008DG06
Project Status Completed
End Date November 2011
Sponsor(s) Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Division Energy Environment Technology Development

Smart mini-grid is defined as a min-grid, which uses advanced sensing, communication and control technologies to generate, manage and distribute electricity more intelligently and effectively. A smart mini-grid is the application of digital information technology to optimize electrical power generation and delivery, and ultimately its end-use within the domain of the mini-grid. Smart mini-grid is an integrated energy system that consists of (i) variable loads, which are connected to the distribution grid (ii) diversed range of small, local generators based on distributed energy resources with (or without) storage system and (iii) control & power conditioning systems. The distributed energy resources can meet the local energy requirement or feed power to the conventional grid. The smart controllers can disconnect or reconnect the distributed energy resources to the conventional grid with minimal disruptions

The proposed smart mini-grid will be demonstrated at TERI, GualPahari. Total duration of the project is 18 months .The proposed system will consist of the following major components

1. 10.5 kWp PV array
2. 3.2 kW small Wind-Electric Generator (48V, DC operated)
3. 50-100 kW Biomass gasifier with appropriate biomass controller
4. Supply from conventional grid
5. 48V, 600Ah Low Maintenance Lead Acid Flooded type battery
6. 8-10 kVA hybrid controller cum inverter
7. Load dispatch controller
8. Intelligent dispatch controller with data-logging, monitoring and remote access facility
9. Segregated load
10. Other communications equipment (if required)

The specific tasks to be carried out under the project is

Task-I: Mini-grid aggregation

Task-II: Load profiling, categorization and forecasting

Task-III: Design and simulation of the smart mini-grid model, applicable to Indian sites/conditions in consultation with CSIRO

Task-IV: Development and demonstration of smart mini-grid model with Intelligent Dispatch Controller (IDC)

Task-V: Performance assessment, monitoring and analysis

Smart Mini-Grid: An intelligent way to distribute clean energy

TERI breaks new ground in the design and generation of clean energy through the Smart Mini-Grid system. Read more →

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