Project Profile

Project Title Developing a sanitation and hygiene promotion strategy for Uttaranchal
Project Code 2004WM03
Project Status Completed
End Date March 2006
Sponsor(s) The World Bank
Division Water Resources and Forestry
Executive Summary Full Text

The main objectives are as follows. (i) Assess the current situation in sanitation, health, and hygiene. This includes research into the behavioural aspects of the existing sanitation and hygiene practices, the perceived barriers to an improved sanitation and hygiene status, and identification of triggers that motivate behaviour change (at the individual and communal levels). (ii) Formulate a sanitation and hygiene-promotion implementation strategy (based on behavioural aspects) comprising three distinct elements: personal hygiene, domestic hygiene, and community environmental sanitation with a view to reduce water- and sanitation-related morbidity, specially diarrhoea. (iii) Study the existing mechanisms for coordination of health/hygiene/sanitation/water supply programmes and the mandate/capability of the PRI''s. (iv) Develop an action plan framework based on active community participation in the planning process.