Project Profile

Project Title Environmental and social performance indicators and sustainability markers in minerals development: reporting progress towards improved health and human well-being
Project Code 2000WR41
Project Status Completed
End Date February 2002
Sponsor(s) International Development Research Centre
Division Sustainable Habitat
Executive Summary Full Text

The specific objectives of this project were:
Joint refinement of the conceptual framework of health and well-being in order to enable the construction of intercultural tools in minerals development;
Development of a framework of environmental and social performance indicators, based on issues identified in Phase I, using a bottom up approach rather than an off-the-shelf approach and testing of the indicator framework in different clusters in the mining region;
Development, refinement, and testing of the Quality of Life (QOL) tool; and
Developing impact adjusted income accounts for the mineral sector in Goa, by valuing the use of minerals and groundwater, and the impacts on health and environment.