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Project Title Sponsor(s) End Date
Evaluation of maize genotypes for silicon induced abiotic stress- drought tolerance and revealing the mechanism behind stress tolerance Defence Research & Development Organization January 2014
DNA Clubs-DBT-TERI Mentoring the Schools of North-East Department of Biotechnology September 2013
DBT Mission for Quality Planting Material Production and Utilization for the North-East: Highlights 2008-11 Department of Biotechnology July 2013
Identification and screening for potential biodiesel yielding microalgae from North-East India Department of Biotechnology February 2013
Vegetative and Micropropagation of Selected Clones of Seabuckthorn and Field Performance Evaluation in Arunachal Pradesh Department of Biotechnology January 2013
Development of integrated genetic linkage map and marker assisted selection in tea Department of Biotechnology November 2012
Improvement of Malbhog, a Commercially Important Indigenous Banana of Assam, through Mutation Induction Department of Science & Technology September 2012
Validation, testing, and locational trials of micro/macro propagated planting stock of selected bamboo species in Northeast India Department of Biotechnology September 2012
Training programme on entrepreneurship development for production of superior quality planting materials using in vitro technology in North-east Department of Biotechnology June 2012
Regeneration of plants from gametic and somatic tissues of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Department of Biotechnology June 2012