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Project Title Sponsor(s) End Date
Preparation of tourism accounts for Himachal Pradesh Metroeconomica,The World Bank January 2014
India's Green Economy: Road map to an inclusive and equitable growth German Federal Environment Agency September 2012
Review of current practices in determining user charges and incorporation of economic principles of pricing Ministry of Urban Development November 2011
Study on Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development: Inputs for UNCSD Ministry of Environment and Forests October 2011
India's inputs for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Ministry of Environment and Forests December 2010
I-O modeling economy-energy-environment Keio University June 2010
Drafting a Code of Ethics for Regulators Forum of Regulators May 2007
Regulatory Impact Assessment Project for CRC, University of Manchester Centre for Regulation and Competition February 2007
Role of infrastructure in poverty reduction Japan Bank for International Cooperation February 2006
Villages around Sonshi and Codli mines: a survey report SESA Goa Limited September 1997