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Southern Regional Centre, Bangalore


In Dolmur, 3 km from the Bangalore airport, is the TERI office-cum-guest house. This building is designed to house an office block with a capacity of 75 workstations, a small guest house and several interaction spaces, such as conference rooms, a library and laboratories.

The front view of Southern Regional Centre, Bangalore

Functional design

The design of this building is dictated by the landscape surrounding it. It is flanked by roads in the north and the east, an open ground in the west and a 9 m open drain in the south. As a result, entry to the building is from the road on the northern side, which is not as busy as the one on the east. The office block is towards the east, close to the main road for high visibility and the guest house is located on the quieter western side. An open space exists between the office and the guest house, should further expansion be necessary.

Solar wall with cavity to aid ventilation

Energy-efficient features and renewable energy system

The elemental forces of earth, wind, fire and water are imperative to the architectural design of the building. It opens towards the northern side facilitating access to glare-free light. A solar wall towards the south (drain side) of the building directs the flow of the breeze over the building, which, in turn, creates a negative pressure and pulls fresh air from the north into the building.

Natural ventilation
The sections are worked out so as to allow hot air to rise towards the top. Natural ventilation occurs with the air flowing from the ground floor to the terrace because of the open nature of the volumes.

Diagrammatic representation of the ventilation system
at Southern Regional Centre, Bangalore

By creating atrium spaces with skylights, sections of the Centre are designed in such a way that natural daylight enters into the heart of the building, considerably reducing the dependence on artificial lighting. This is supplemented by a skylight roof and energy-efficient artificial lighting.

Atrium space with Skylight Strategic window placement for daylight optimization

Water heating system
A solar water heating system is in place to meet the hot water requirements of the kitchen and the guest rooms.

Solar water heaters

Reclamation of the drain

In addition to basic filtration and aeration, it has been proposed that certain impurity-absorbing plants be planted in the vicinity of the drain, improving its condition in terms of sanitation and aesthetics. Investing in such a long term, yet permanent solution is necessary if the building is to eventually open towards the drain as well.