Call For Filmmakers


TERI announces the final list of selected film proposals under the call, 'The Future We Want', supported by Films Division, Mumbai.

Selected Films

All the films will be 5 minutes in duration. The selected proposals are given below:

Filmmaker Name of the Project
1 Ashish Dutta Sunshine on my shoulder
2 Aparna Sanyal The Goldilocks rule
3 Rita Banerji The Cycle of life
4 Ishani K Dutta Lost and Found
5 Neela V Raman The Food Forest
6 Lakshmi Anantnarayan SWaCH across Bharath: What will it take?
7 Sidharth Srinivasan Solargarh
8 Pooja Iyengar Own your garbage
9 Anirban Datta Stings & Honey
10 Seema Muralidhara Out in the open
  • About the programme
  • Possible story topics
  • Eligibility
  • How it works

The reality of climate change is the story of our time. Most of us living in cities are dealing with the impacts of climate change in our everyday lives. While our cities are increasingly being jolted by climate disasters, they are also one of the biggest contributors to the problem. In feeding the never-ending aspirations of their people, cities are guzzling energy and resources like never before.

But there are solutions that can help cities build a new future.

TERI, with support from the Films Division, Mumbai is searching for the most talented filmmakers who can tell stories of change- unknown and unsung- that the world needs to know. The stories must highlight efforts of individuals, communities or governments, who have demonstrated alternate ways of living, that have reduced our environmental footprint and shown us a path for building a new future.

  • Clean energy- Stories that highlight how communities and cities are adopting practices or technologies that either reduce energy consumption or help them transition to renewable energy.
  • Sustainable transport- Stories of cities that are creating healthier environments by trying to reduce automobile dependence, ramping up public transit systems and encouraging walking and cycling.
  • Waste management- Stories that highlight decentralized solutions of waste management, reuse and recycle.
  • Water conservation- Stories that highlight sustainable, efficient and equitable management of water in cities.
  • Urban sanitation and hygiene- Stories of urban communities who are creating healthier environments by adopting hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • Urban biodiversity- Stories of communities or cities that are promoting and preserving biodiversity in the face of rapid urbanization.
  • Green buildings- Stories of architects and institutions who are promoting green buildings that consume significantly less resources over their life cycle, compared to conventional buildings.
  • Green technologies- Innovations and indigenous technologies that are making cities environment-friendly.

We are looking for:

  • Professional documentary filmmakers from India
  • 21 years of age or above
  • Should have made at least one documentary on the theme of environment and sustainability
  • Must be fluent in English or Hindi
  • Filmmakers must submit the online application by 5 September 2016
  • The application requires filmmakers to submit a brief story idea. All story ideas must relate to a sustainable lifestyle or practice in India that has the potential to make a difference if adopted on a wider scale.
  • The expected deliverable is a short film of 5 minutes duration, budget not exceeding Rs 4.00 lakhs.
  • Shortlisted filmmakers will be invited to make a brief presentation to TERI. In the final selection, they may not necessarily be expected to pursue the story idea submitted by them. During the presentation, filmmakers may learn of a different story, or modify their original story.
  • Successful applicants should plan to submit their films by December 2016.