Mycorrhiza for all: An under earth revolution 	7th International Conference on Mycorrhiza
6-11 January 2013
India Habitat Centre
New Delhi, India

Call For Abstracts

The 7th International Conference on Mycorrhiza 2013 with the theme of "Mycorrhiza for All: An Under-Earth revolution" is happy to announce the opening of its call for Abstract Submissions from 5 June 2012. The abstracts will be accepted for oral/poster presentation.

The abstracts can only be submitted online via the online abstract submission form provided below.

Submissions sent by post/email will not be accepted.

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission begins: 5 June 2012
Abstract Submission has been closed
Selected abstracts would be notified by: 31 October 2012

The last date to register for the accepted abstracts is 30 November 2012, post which the abstracts would be withdrawn by the Committee.

Plenary Themes

  • Plenary session: Developmental, Functional and Environmental Genomics.
  • Plenary session: Population, community and physiological ecology.
  • Plenary session: Physiology including carbon and nutrient exchange between symbionts and the saprotrophic/ biotrophic continuum.
  • Plenary session: Mycorrhizas in agriculture and horticulture, including inoculation of seedlings, inoculum production and policy development.

Workshops Topics

  • Workshop 1 - Developmental, functional & comparative genomics.
  • Workshop 2 - Evolution, phylogeny, taxonomy and biogeography of mycorrhizal fungi and symbioses.
  • Workshop 3 - Advances in ecosystem ecology.
  • Workshop 4 - Meta genomics & population genomics.
  • Workshop 5 - Multitrophic interactions, including interactions with prokaryotes and soil fauna in the mycorrhizosphere as well as above-ground trophic interactions.
  • Workshop 6 - Advances in agricultural applications of mycorrhizae.
  • Workshop 7 - Physiological ecology.
  • Workshop 8 - Population and community ecology.
  • Workshop 9 - Systematics and ecology of mycorrhizal communities in Austral - Asia.
  • Workshop 10 - Mycoheterotrophy and mixotrophy.
  • Workshop 11 - Mycorrhizae in extreme or polluted environments/ restoration.
  • Workshop 12 - Human impact on mycorrhizae.


  • The language of the conference is English; hence all papers should be in English.
  • Clearly mention whether the submission is for Oral or Poster Presentation.
  • The abstract can be submitted on any topic but only under the above mentioned conference themes/sessions. Authors must select at least one theme from the list that best describes the contents of their Abstracts.
  • Abstracts once submitted would be considered final.
  • Only one abstract can be submitted by a presenting author.
  • The abstract should be only of 250 words. Abstracts exceeding this limit would not be accepted.
  • The size of the poster should be no larger than 120 cm high x 90 cm wide.

Presenting Authors

The presenting author(s) is the one who will personally present the paper at the conference, either for an oral or poster session. As mentioned above one author can present only one poster/paper. All communication from the conference will only be with the presenting author. The presenting author's contact details should be filled when submitting the abstract online.

Presenting authors will need Internet access and an email address. The secretariat office will communicate with the presenting author through the e-mail address that is given at the time of submission.

The presenting author needs to get registered for attending the event.

Review Process

The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee and the selected ones would be notified to the authors by 31 October 2012.


All the selected abstracts would be published in the official abstract book of the conference.