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Weather in November is excellent for travel to India; this is the peak tourist season. Temperature in Delhi ranges from 60F to 90F (15oC to 32oC). Evenings and mornings are very pleasant.

Visa requirement

Citizens of all countries, except Nepal and Bhutan, require a valid visa granted by Indian Missions Abroad for entering India. Those wishing to visit a neighbouring country like Sri Lanka or Nepal and then returning to India, should obtain a double/multiple entry visa.

Health regulations

Valid yellow fever certification is mandatory for all persons who have been to Africa, South America, or Papua New Guinea during the six days before entering into India.


India is a shoppers' paradise and offers rich diversity of handicrafts, textiles, carpets, leather, gems, and jewellery to name a few. The travel counter at the Conference Venue can help you in arranging suitable transport for shopping excursions.


Voltage in Delhi is 220 V/AC 50 HZ

Accomodation and hotels

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