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Thematic Workshop cum Panel discussion on
New Trend in e-Publishing: Unlocking More Value for the Researcher

28 November 2013 (Thursday)
Time 4:15-5:30 pm
Venue: Stein Auditorium


As Elsevier makes more content available online to meet the growing demands of the user community, Elsevier wants to challenge the publishing rules of the traditional print edition. Elsevier sees online availability of its book content as a big opportunity to unlock more value for the user by creating new kinds of content and tools that allow users to get more from the content.

This panel discussion will focus on four areas where Elsevier is working to unlock more value for the researcher:

1. Developing a deep understanding of the researcher’s needs by working closely with them to identify their problems, how they want to work, user trends and then to formulate and test solutions that better address their problems.

2. Developing content solutions where the focus is on currency. Print books get updated with a new edition every few years. Online books make regular updating a possibility – and something that creates more value to the researcher.

3. Enhanced books provide additional tools such as tables that can be manipulated and content types such as video that create additional value for the user that was not previously possible with the print product.

4. Digitization of historical text. Much historically important text is regularly referenced due to its foundational relevance to much of the science we do today. Until recently much of this text has been hard to find as it is out of print, is kept in print reference sections or is damaged. Elsevier has invested heavily to digitise much of its historical text going back to the 1950s and making it widely available to a whole new generation of researchers.


Timings Topic Panelist
4:15-4:20 pm Setting the theme by Moderator Prof Hildrun Kretschmer
COLLNET Coordinator
& Honorary Professor Henan Normal University Xinxiang, China
4:20-4:50 pm Lead presentation:
on “New trend in e-publishing: unlocking more value for the researcher”
Mr Janardanan Saravanan,
Director - Sales, South Asia
Science & Technology Books ,Elsevier
4:50-5:00 pm The Rise of eBooks: Global eBooks Trends Mr Ganesh Venkatesan
Director Editorial & Publishing Health & Science, Elsevier
5:00-5:10 pm Panelist 2 Prof Mangla Krishnamurthy,
Associate Professor
Sarah & Eric Rodgers Library for Science & Engineering Library, University of Alabama, USA
5:10-5:20 pm Open discussion  
5:20-5:25 pm Summing up Moderator
5:25 – 5: 30 pm Vote of Thanks TERI