Today’s knowledge divide refers to the gaps that exist in the four building blocks of knowledge societies, namely knowledge creation, knowledge preservation, knowledge sharing, and knowledge application. Digital libraries enable people to access, share, and apply knowledge. Across the world, the need for timely and relevant information has emerged, which is sometimes not accessible. With the development of digital libraries, users can now access information and continue quality research.

Although research and development relating to digital libraries started in developed parts of the world, digital libraries are in reality a global phenomenon. Recent trends show that digital library development in the developing world is also gaining momentum. While overcoming the digital divide is a challenge, global librarians and knowledge workers feel they have a role to play in bridging the digital divide through creation of digital libraries.

Programme design: ICDL 2013 will be organized in multiple tracks covering:

  • Tutorials
  • Plenary and conference sessions
  • Thematic workshops

    Why should you attend ICDL 2013?

  • Witness 40 globally renowned international speakers share their views
  • Publication of selected papers in the World Digital Libraries: An International Journal
  • Participate in issue - based Thematic Workshops besides conference sessions and tutorials
  • Enhance your knowledge on information products from international publishers in exhibition
  • Opportunity to present your paper in conference or poster sessions
  • Awards for the ‘best papers’ and the ‘best posters’ during the conference