Workshops Special Events

Thematic Sessions

Thematic areas identified for discussion and deliberations:

Knowledge Discovery & Open Data Mining

  • Big Data in Knowledge Discovery
  • Data Mining in the Linked Data Cloud
  • Text/Web/Social/User Behavior Mining
  • Data Structures, Frameworks, and Models underlying Knowledge and Data Mining
  • Natural Language Analysis and Sentiment Detection
  • Data and Information Retrieval (e.g. cross-language retrieval, interactive retrieval methods, multimedia and cross-modal information retrieval)
  • Data and Information Quality
  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Data Management and Processing
  • Open Data/Open Access
  • Open Research Strategies
  • Open Innovation and Crowd Funding
  • Visualization of Knowledge, Semantic Information and Linked Data
  • Usage and Usage Data Analytics
  • Data Schemes and Interoperability Formats
  • Application of MOOCs in blended learning environment

Social Media Analytics and Computing

  • Social Media, Social Web, and Social Network Analysis
  • Web 2.0, 3.0, and Future of Internet
  • Collaborative Knowledge Creation and Crowdsourcing
  • Information Quality and Knowledge Maturing
  • Community Evolution
  • Social Information Seeking and Recommended Systems
  • Social Search and Retrieval Systems
  • Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Social and Information Networks
  • Social-Semantic-Content Networks and their Analysis
  • Semantic Uplifting in Social Networks
  • Social Gaming and Human Computing
  • Mobile Social Networking and Mobile web

Knowledge and Innovation Management

  • Enterprise 2.0 and Corporate Web 2.0
  • Mobile Work and Performance Support
  • Service Innovation
  • Personal Information Management
  • Innovation Process and Knowledge Maturing
  • Knowledge Transfer and Experience Management
  • Process-oriented Knowledge Management
  • Increasing Efficiency and Measurement Approaches
  • Convergence of Knowledge Management and Learning
  • Skill and Competency Management
  • Service-oriented Architectures and Knowledge

Digital Research

  • Digital Library Development, architecture and management
  • Information Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Multi-linguality and Interoperability
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Digital Preservation and Access Management
  • Digital Library Case Studies and Best Practices
  • E-Learning and E-Publishing
  • Digital Library Standards and Policy
  • Open Archive Initiatives (OAI)/Post Metadata Harvesting (PMH)
  • Multimedia Content Management
  • Sustainable Digital Library Model
  • Dl Service Marketing
  • Semantic and Ontology, Taxonomy Management

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