Page 5 - ICDL 2016 Smart Future - Knowledge trends that will change the World
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Reshaping the Future of People and Nation 07

ƒƒ Digital Future
ƒƒ Digital transformation and proliferation of data
ƒƒ Competitive Landscape in the Digital Market
ƒƒ Agile Work styles in the Digital World
ƒƒ Agile Knowledge

TERI’s contribution to Digital Library Movement in India 13

ƒƒ Background
ƒƒ Glimpses of Past ICDLs
ƒƒ Major Recommendations of Past ICDLs
ƒƒ About ICDL 2016
ƒƒ Thematic Areas

Workshops 23
ƒƒ Workshop (WS-1): Knowledge and Innovation Management

ƒƒ Workshop (WS-2): Big Data and Analytics

ƒƒ Workshop (WS-3): Social Media and Analytics

Special Events 29
ƒƒ Special Events (SE-I): Capacity building initiatives in e-Governance

ƒƒ Special Event (SE-II): Universal Access and Sharing of Research Publications

and Data: A Strategy towards Open Knowledge

ƒƒ Special Event (SE-III): Emergence of the Interconnected World (IoT)

ƒƒ Special Event (SE-IV): Innovation in Digital Publishing

ƒƒ Special Event (SE-V): Transformation in Public Libraries

ƒƒ Special Event (SE-VI): Digital Convergence at the Bottom of the Pyramid

References 37

Past Valued Partners of ICDLs 38

General Information 39
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