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Dr P K Bhattacharya Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will Change the World
Fellow & Area Convenor,
Knowledge Management Smart Future is about understanding, visualizing, and exploring the possible
scenarios of the future today, to be able to better prepare ourselves. This
Division, TERI will help us to design the future based on set goals. Better preparation for
the future enables us to alter the direction of an entire marketplace, field, or
Dr Shantanu Ganguly to prepare industry or prepare for the outcome. It is also possible to make
Fellow, greater impact in the future through present actions.

Knowledge Management Predicting the future, better preparing for the future, and taking requisite
Division, TERI actions to apply this knowledge to create the future – these are the three
strategic objectives of Smart Future. This mega event, ICDL 2016, will uncover
the processes related to these issues.

Having the strategic knowledge about the key trends that will shape our
future might enable us to achieve success and it may make a difference in the
world—innovate, create, discover or fix something that would touch millions.
In simple terms, we are fast passing through the digitization era and entering
into knowledge society. Therefore, the knowledge of associated technologies
and processes is equally important to pursue. Knowledge of possible trends
is essential in order to prepare to manage present risks and it will facilitate
decision-making by converting challenges into opportunities in the future.
While a deeper understanding on the trends that will shape the future is 50 per
cent, the other half is about taking actions, designing innovations, formulating
plans, and crafting strategies, tactics, and collaboration to shape the desired
future. This is true on personal, organizational, national, and global levels.

Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will Change the World theme
at ICDL 2016, will not only create a roadmap to guide us through what is
coming next, but also tell us how to prepare ourselves for new challenges and
opportunities. It will suggest how to manage the key trends to improve our life
in future.

If you are interested in shifting your worldview and creating new possibilities
for yourself, then become a Game Changer of the Future by participating in
this ICDL 2016.

All the best for your Smart Endeavours...

(P K Bhattacharya) (Shantanu Ganguly)
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