Page 2 - ICDL 2016 Brochure
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Facts for You 402 million 3.5 million SMEs
Internet users use marketplace
Internet population websites to make
continues its meteoric in India purchases and
growth from 60 million
in 2009 to 190 million sell products.
in 2014, to our estimate
Today, ~40 million Internet economy
of potential growth Indians are online, to be 5 per cent of
to over 550 million everyday spending GDP (USD200 billion)
with an even larger
users by 2018. ~40-45 hours impact on society
over the Internet

per month.

58,000 new users The 2018 Internet
get connected on population will be older,
to a social network more rural, more gender
balanced, more mobile,
and more vernacular.

India already has

125 million active

Facebook users Netizens in rural
areas will touch 210
today, the second
million by 2018, if
largest number after affordability grows at
the requisite pace.
the US and Canada
The urban Internet
with 152 million. population will increase from
130 million in June 2014 to 300 million
It is estimated by 2018. The real action, however, is
set to unravel in rural India, where the
that there will be over Internet user base is likely to expand by
up to 40 per cent per an­num; i.e. from
500 million Internet users a comparatively low base of 60 million
as of June 2014 to 280 million in 2018.
in India by 2018—making

India the second largest

population of Internet

By 2018, users in the world.

the number of

SMEs using market­ Internet
place websites economy will
may possibly create nearly
reach 8 million. 15–20 lakh job


by 2018.
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