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- 24 Feb. 2004
- 25 Feb. 2004
- 26 Feb. 2004
- 27 Feb. 2004

Summit bulletin
25 Feb 2004, Wednesday Summit Bulletin
Keynote Address
Chair: Dr R Natarajan, Chairman, AICTE;
Keynote Speaker:
Dr Kiran Karnik, President - NASSCOM
Tea (Sponsored by Book Root)
9:50 a.m. - 11:20 p.m. Session - 1
Digital Library Concept
DL Services
Technology - Planning, Development, and Management
Mr M Jayakumar
Jt Secretary
Ministry of Culture
Govt of India

Invited talks
Paul Nieuwenhuysen: “Challenges in the evolution from classical over hybrid to digital libraries”
View presentation [4.4 MB]

Dr Yan Quan Liu: “ Best practice, tools, and techniques for digitizing library materials”

View presentation [123 KB]

Contributed papers
Sanjay Kumar and Devesh Narayan: “Digital Library”

Mrs. Vinita Jain: “Digital Libraries : conceptual and theoretical aspects”

Dinesh Katre: “Pragmatic and usable approach for Digital Library Initiatives in India”
Prof. Amarnath Gupta
San-Diago Computer Centre, USA

Invited talks
Greg R. Notes : “Present and Future Services for the Digital Library: Searching, Linking, and Meta Tags”

View presentation [319 KB]

Contributed papers
Mrs. Nisha : “Digital Information Services, Delivery and Management in a Networked Environment at IIT Roorkee”

Rong Shi, Kurt Maly and Mohammad Zubair: “Improving Federated Service for Non-cooperating Digital Libraries”
Dr Michael Seadle
Copy-right librarian, Michigan State University Libraries, USA

Invited talks
Mr Simon Huggard: “The Management of electronic resources within a Digital Library”

View presentation [3.2 KB]

Contributed papers
Francis Jayakanth, K Venkatalakshmi and Sukhdev Singh Integration of CDS/ISIS Database with Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL)

M. G. Sreekumar and P P Noufal : “Practical Digital Libraries using Greenstone: The IIMK experience”

Constantine M. Nyamboga, Prapat Pawinun, A.Y. Asundi: “Required skills of information technologies for library and information professionals: A case of university libraries in Kenya-Africa”: “Required skills of information

N. J. Sebastian and Siva Chidambaram : “A Case Study Using Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL) for Digitizing "Macrotrack" and "Quarterly Review of Indian Economy" at NCAER Library”
11:20 p.m. - 12:50 p.m. Session - 2
Digital divide

e-Publishing and multimedia
Technology: Planning, Development, and Management -II
Mr P Jayarajan
MBE, Former Head, Library and Information Services (India), British Council Division, New Delhi

Invited talks
Dr Peter Noerr: “Metasearch access to digital materials”
View presentation [205 KB]

Contributed papers
Digvijay Singh, V Pawan Kumar, Shiva Prakash and K N Jha: “Digital divide in India – an overview”

Swapan Deoghuria: Are research libraries in India prepared in Digital Age

Mr Rajesh Chandrakar and T A V Murthy : “Narrowing the digital divide: initiatives of INFLIBNET Centre for Indian Academic Libraries”

P G Tadasad: “Bridging The Digital Divide In Urban India: A Vision Towards Ways And Means”

Nilay M.Yajnik: “Digital Libraries to Bridge the Digital Divide”

Sanghamitra Jana, Debal C Kar and Supratim Chatterjee: “Digital divide: Micro outlook in a typical third world country perspective”
Dr Jean-Marc Comment
Integration IT-Manager, Switzerland

Invited talks
Eric Neuhold: “Context driven access to personalized digital multimedia libraries”

Dieter W. Fellner Digital Libraries : what type of documents should we be dealing with?
View presentation [205 KB]

Peter Schimbacher: “ The changing process of scholarly publishing or the necessity of a new culture of electronic publishing”
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Contributed papers
B.Prasad, S A A Latheef and G Subramanyam : “Electronic Publication: A Scenario In Developing Countries”

Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay : “Organization and Dissemination of Digital Objects through Web and CDROM: A Framework for Indian Libraries”
Rahul Banerjee
Computer Science and Information Systems Co-ordinator, BITS, Pilani (Invited)

Invited talks
Mick Bass
HP Dspace : Institution repository system, status roadmap research, community building and governance

Contributed papers
M. Nikolaidou: “Managing Heterogeneous Digital Collections through a Unified Environment”

G. Semeraro, F. Esposito, S. Ferilli, T.M.A. Basile, N. Di Mauro, L. Iannone, and I. Palmisano: Automatic Management of Annotations on Cultural Heritage Material

Zhou Ning, Wen Yanping, and Yan Yalan: “Research on Design of Visual Interface to Digital Library”

Zhengdong Niu, and Yuan Zou: “Research and Implementation of Federated Processing System for Web Resources (FPSWR)”
12:50 p.m - 1:40 p.m. Lunch (Sponsored by DIALOG Corporation and Blackwell Publishing)
1:40 p.m. - 2:40 p.m. Product / Poster Presentation - 1

Global Information Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd.
M Viswanath,
Vice President

Thomson - Dialog
Jaideep Verma, General Manager - India

David Elek, Sales Executive
2:40 p.m. - 4:10 p.m. Session - 3
Case Studies - I
Metadata issues
DL- Architecture, Network & Technology - I
Prof. Shigeo Sugimoto
Professor, Research Center for Knowldge Communities, Japan

Invited talks
Dr Vinod Chachra
“Practical considerations in creating and providing access to digital repositories”
View presentation [205 KB]

Contributed papers
Tanay Krishna and Deepak Kumar
“Building Cost-Effective innovative means of Digital libraries and related application for Organisations”

Mrs Medha Joshi
“Special Digital Library a Tata Memorial Hospital”

Baskaran Sankaran
“Issues in setting up a Tamil Digital Library”

Dr Anshuman Razdan
Director, PRISMGWC
Arizona State University, USA

Invited talks
Liddy Nevile
Resource accessibility and metadata
View presentation [205 KB]

Dr Takeo Yamamoto
“Digital library at NII: The design of the multilingual annotation support system”
View presentation [205 KB]

Contributed papers
Vinay P. Namboodiri
“Design of a Geometric Database System”

Rajesh Kumar Mishra
“The Dublin Core metadata set for HTML 4.0: a format to map web resources”

Anne Gilliland-Swetland and Kathleen Svetlik
“Evaluating EAD as an Appropriate Metadata Structure for Describing and Delivering Museum Content: MOAC II Evaluation Study”

Dr T B Rajashekar
NCSI, Bangalore

Invited talks
H K Kual
“Library Networking in South Asia : Role of DELNET”
View presentation [205 KB]

Andreas Rauber
“Analysis, organization, and description of large and automatic structuring of audio collectons according to their genre, using neural network technology, text archives”
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Contributed papers
Obaidur Rahman
“Information Technology And Internal/External Database Linkage In The Context Of A Developing Country (Pakistan)”

Atul M. Gonsai, and Dr. N N Jani
“High-speed Network Model for HiTech Libraries”
4:10 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Tea
4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Session - 4
Case Studies - II
Special Libraries
DL Communities
DL-Architecture, Network & Technology - II
Prof. Leonid A. Kalinichenko (Invited)

Invited talks
Shalini Urs
"Challenges of multilingual and institutional digital libraries"

Contributed papers
B Sutradhar
"Creating Digital Resources at IIT Kharagpur : A CaseStudy

Subrata Deb, D C Kar and Dr H C Nandwana
“TERI Digital Library initiative”
Dr Abhijit Lahiri
Senior Adviser, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt of India

Invited talks
Dr Usha Mujo Munshi
Digital library community:
breaking boundaries and making pathways to progress.
View presentation [205 KB]

Contributed papers
Swadha Majmudar: “Digitization for designers”
Dr Venkatsubrahmaniam
Planning Commission*

Invited talks
Muniram Budhu
Operating models for DLs
View presentation [205 KB]

Rahul Banerjee
An innovative architecture for a distributed cooperative digital library: The design perspective
View presentation [205 KB]

Contributed papers
Mr. Sukhdev Singh, Surinder K Gaba and Naina Pandita
“Architecture and Building of Medical Digital Library at National Informatics Centre: What Exists and What is Required for MEDLIB@NIC”