Energy Transitions

A global transition in energy is underway as renewables are contributing a larger share in the energy mix in various countries. The path to a low-carbon economy requires support, especially for countries like India. The Energy Transitions Commission aims to help form pathways for this move in India by focussing on providing technology options to replace fossil fuels, developing sector and technology specific financial products, and working towards enabling the required policy changes for the sectors concerned.

Energy transitions


  • lighting billion lives


    Conversations@TERI: Has India reached the inflection point for renewable energy & energy efficiency?

    An expert panel discusses the future of renewable and conventional energy in India

  • rural-energy

    Project Report

    Transitions in Indian electricity sector

    A study to bring out possible transitions to address changing demand and supply scenarios in India's electricity sector

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  • micro credit


    ETC India high-level launch

    Energy Transitions Commission India: Enabling de-carbonisation in India

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  • Article

    Energy efficiency and renewables' share up, so is air pollution and untreated waste

    TERI's latest energy and environment data yearbook launched in New Delhi

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  • micro grid installation

    The experts come together

    A look at ETC’s 28 commissioners from across the energy landscape

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